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Paper Planet is located in Historical Handley in east Fort Worth.

The Handley District is much as it was in 1920 with it’s funky, nostalgic and throw-back “good old-fashion” style of customer service. Sharing the store front is, Créme De La Créme offering custom baked cakes and goodies.


Store owner, Julie West-artist and paper connoisseur, primarily created custom designs for family and friends out of her suburban home. In 2001, Julie realized her dream was to share her passion for paper with more people in the form of a paper company.

And so Paper Planet was born. In 2003, Julie’s dream continued when Paper Planet became a boutique in Historic Handley in east Fort Worth. Since then, Paper Planet continues to breathe the innovative air of design and creation. We currently have a full staff of talented artists and designers that are eager to help bring your original visions to life.
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